DAIC.org : : Psychoeducational testing facility near NYC close window 
GregBurkeBroker.com : : Real Estate Broker near NYC
DAIC (Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center) is a rapidly growing, cutting-edge psychological testing and therapy center who needed a feature rich website to help clients find information, news and tips for themselves and their children. FVM created their logo, developed their website and marketing strategy which included copywriting, research and photography acquisition, and we originated a fun, learning game for the iPod platform.
Visit the site: www.DAIC.org
Profession: Psychoeducational Testing
Goal: To create a brand identity, website and marketing plan to promote their services of testing to improve lives, while helping parents to better understand their children’s learning problems.
Strategy: FVM worked closely with the founding psychologist to create engaging newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, flyers for schools, powerpoint presentations and various online techniques to bring people to the beautiful, enticing & highly educational website focused on cognitive testing we created. We also developed a highly successful iPhone app.
Results: The firm has grown substantially each year we have been involved and praise for the website is constant.
GlashowMD.com : : Leading Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine Surgeon, NYC close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Jonathan L. Glashow, M.D., is a leading Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Surgeon and Co-Director of Sports Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. His previous website was inconsistent, hard to navigate and less than beautiful. FVM was asked to create a new design and organization scheme to place much more valuable information online to help his patients with their questions and concerns and to make his practice more efficient.
Visit the site: www.GlashowMD.com
Profession: Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine Surgeon
Goal: Replace Dr. Glashow’s meager website with a highly professional and information rich site to serve as a resource to current and potential patients.
Strategy: FVM built a very dense website packed with information from a wide range of topics. Content including videos, photos, links and outisde sourced medical modules is organized and presented in a very clean manner preserving a simple and engaging user experience. We also built a payment system for Dr. Glashow’s patients to easily pay their bills online.
Results: Dr. Glashow now refers current and potential patients to his site with confidence as it reflects his professionalism accurately. The site saves his and his staff’s time with ready answers to complicated questiions previously handled by phone or email.
KesslerMedia.com : : Grammy & Oscar award winning recording studio close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Kessler Media is a top audio recording studio with Grammy & Oscar credits among it’s 2000 plus projects; including productions with President’s Clinton and Bush, Ted Turner, Glenn Close, John Travolta, Chris Reeve and many other luminaries. Robert wanted a website that was visually exciting, not typical, and fun and dynamic. Audio players are used throughout for samples of various works and the Flash interface adds motion and drama.
Visit the site: www.KesslerMedia.com
Profession: Audio Recording Engineer
Goal: To inform visitors of Kessler Media’s robust body of work and clientele as well as his credits, awards, and specialties.
Strategy: We created a website which presents information and past work experience for Kessler Media a unique, beautiful, and professional form. Users are able to listen to audio tracks, learn about Kessler’s many accolades and easily make contact.
Results: Kessler Media Productions LTD is now presented online in a bold and highly sophiscated manner. His wealth of experience and skill is effectively communicated to Potential clients. This allows Robert Kessler the freedom of having a website sell his services while he focuses on the work.
PurNail.com : : Proven System for Nail Fungus close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Vanguard Healthcare Products, Inc. (VHP) owners of PurNail™ asked FVM to develop a strategy for increasing awareness of PurNail™ and sales. We reorganized and cleaned up the website with an eye toward good SEO practices and laid out a program of press releases and other online marketing methods involving various websites and other resources.
Visit the site:www.Purnail.com
Profession: OTC Medical Products
Goal: To create an online presence that guidespeople toward a purchase of PurNail™ a topical anti-fungal product.
Strategy: We created multiple websites, articles, and resources online which build awareness and credibility to VHP’s new product offering.
Results: After 6 months of SEO and online PR the PurNail™ website family constantly receives over 30,000 unique visitors per week. We expect to double that in another 6 months.
SeeAlison.com : : Portfolio Site for Saatchi & Saatchi Super Star close window 
 SeeAlison.com : : Portfolio Site for Saatchi & Saatchi Super Star
Alison Grangnano is a star global creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, NY. Her work in TV ads, print and the web are consistently awarded and her client list includes: General Mills, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Godiva, Bombay, Cunard, etc. We were especially honored when she asked FVM to create a password protected portfolio site rich with video, audio and print pieces from her extrordinary carreer. We provided creative strategy, animation effects, illustration, photo retouching, encryption, Flash, CSS, PHP, etc.
Visit the site: www.SeeAlison.org(password:alison)
Profession: Advertising
Goal: To present the creative work of Alison Gragnano online
Strategy: To create a website with a level of sophistication and attention to detail akin to the high quality of work that was to be presented. The functionality was to be simple, and presentation perfect.
Results: Alison’s years as a top-level creative director are elegantly displayed on this flash website. She is able to show off her body of work with the comfort of knowing that it is beautifully presented.
HotelRooms365.com : : Your Key to Great Rates All Year Round close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
HotelRooms365, Inc HotelRooms365, Inc is an online hotel booking agent representing hotels throughout North America. Although business was good, FVM was asked to increase visitors to the website and help people understand how they differed from the competition. By crafting special scripts for blog and forum use by our expert bloggers we were able to increase traffic significantly. We also fine tuned their Search Engine Marketing plan and turned their useless Facebook page into a valuable asse
Visit the site: www.HotelRooms365.com
Profession: Online Travel Agency
Goal: Increase exposure for HotelRoom365.com’s offerings as well as differentiating it from its competitors.
Strategy: We created an SEM campaign re-framing HR365’s special offers/features and brought highly targeted visitors directly to the website. We launched a powerful blog/forum marketing campaign with scripts aimed at raising awareness while maintaining a helpful community-oriented attitude. We used HR365’s Facebook page to engage users and increase the fan base.
Results: We brought hundreds of highly targeted visitors to the website with the SEM campaign. We created unique conversations on travel-related blogs and forums and many of these appeared on the first page of Google results. We raised Facebook participation by 2000% and attracted 1050 new page fans.
Edith Roman : : Large B to B List Provider close window 
GregBurkeBroker.com : : Real Estate Broker near NYC
Edith Roman Associates is a premier mailing list supplier that specializes in boosting lead generation and sales for companies. It’s sister company, ePostDirect, is an email marketing consulting company offering email marketing solutions. We created ongoing print ads for both firms and were also responsible for promotional gift design, catalog and collateral design, stationary, convention materials, copywriting, strategy & ad placement.
Profession: Mailing List Provider
Goal: To create advertising and collateral materials that would outshine the competition.
Strategy: FVM first performed in-depth research of everything they and their competitors had done, graphicly, over the preceding 5 years. We then created unique branding devices and a defining style for all future communication materials.
Results: By creating a uniform high end look to all representations of the company, we enhanced brand recognition among end users and projected a sense of strength and professionalism as measured in polls and surveys. Business grew every year we have been involved.
NotePig.com : : Note Sharing for College Students close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
NotePig.com was the brainchild of an enterprizing college student who wanted to offer stdents a way to buy and sell class notes from specific classes online. It was intended to help students who were disabled, or sick, or simply missed a class but needed notes that were taken in class. We developed a plan for efficient SEO, blog and forum marketing, and Facebook marketing. Using carefully crafted scripts we increased visitors to the site by 600%
Visit the site:www.NotePig.com
Profession: Online Document Exchange
Goal: To increase awareness for a college-oriented service which allows for the monetized exchange of class notes and study guides.
Strategy: We created a targeted blog/forum marketing campaign, paired with a Facebook page community building strategy. In other words, an “exposure generating campaign” aimed at targeting the specific market in question and informing them about the service and bringing people to the website.
Results: We brought over 400 unique interested visitors to the website in the first week we began the campaign. The client then enjoyed a total of 3,000 unique visitors to the website that month. (A 600% increase in visitor volume)
GregBurkeBroker.com : : Real Estate Broker near NYC close window 
GregBurkeBroker.com : : Real Estate Broker near NYC
Greg Burke is a highly successful real estate broker in the Upper Westchester section North of New York City. To set himself apart from all the realtors in the area FVM concieved, designed and developed a website pacakage which would offer his clientele an easy wasy to research real estate in the area icluding powerful property searches, in-depth buyer/seller tips and area info. We also developed a plan for efficient SEO, blog and forum marketing, and Facebook & Twitter co-marketing.
Profession: Real EstateBroker
Goal: To attract and convert leads for agent Greg Burke in the highly competitive real estate industry.
Strategy: Create a beautiful and highly useful website for Greg Burke’s clients which differentiates him from other real estate agents. We included the functionality to conduct on-site property searches, calculate mortgage payments, links to educational resources on buying and selling, and much more.
Results: Greg Burke’s website radically improved his ability to communicate his value to potential clients. Rather than verbally explaining the buying and selling process he simply points people to the resources on the website. GregBurkeBroker.com is now in the 1% of Houlihan Lawrence realtors who have unique, customized websites.
iPhone App : : Monster Baby Match Up close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Monster Baby Match Up DAIC is a cutting-edge psychological testing and therapy center who wanted a brand builder and something parents could use to occupy their children with. FVM created an iPhone app that is a learning tool and fun for kids at the same time. We created the imagery, sounds, interface and all development work that resulted in a game kids aged one to six can’t get enough of. It’s a free download on iTunes and a big hit with parents!
Profession: Psychoeducational Testing
Goal: To help young children learn letters, numbers and sight words in a fun way, and boost brand identity.
Strategy: Create a beautiful, enticing and highly educational iPhone app that parents could feel good about giving to their young children.
Results: FVM worked closely with psychologists to create a state-of-the-art learning game that kids would love, and parents would approve of. All of the silly voices, music, fun animation, action and simple interface resulted in a much beloved game for children, a sense of joy for parents and a profoundly increased respect for DAIC.
Hospitality : : Restaurants, Cruise Lines, Casinos close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
SummitWorks is a global technology provider offering a full range of software development and IT Support Services delivering high quality solutions rapidly and efficiently, resulting in significant savings to their customers. We were asked to develop a branding strategy including logo, stationary and collateral material. We researched the competition, prepared several rounds of logos for approval and showcased the logos on various materials to better judge their suitability.
Profession: IT Services Provider
Goal: To create a brand identity for this new enterprize that would set it off from the competition.
Strategy: FVM carefully examined all of the competitions logos as well as the general style of graphic design utilyzed. We then presented a dozen possible logo candidates and after discussion and review selected five likely treatments for further development and testing. After seeing the logos on stationary, folders and other documents the final choice was made.
Results: The company was thrilled with the final logo and FVM went on to do more collaborative work with SummitWorks.
PenancePill.com : : The Restorative Pill for When You’ve Been Bad close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Penance Pill, Inc is a company selling a unique product: The Penance Pill; The Restorative Pill for When You’ve Been Bad. It’s a supplement pill with everything you need to counteract the effects of a long night of studying, partying or just not eating a balanced diet. FVM was involved at the conceptual stage and was responsible for logo design, website development, packaging and marketing strategies.
Visit the site:www.PenancePill.com
Profession: Health Supplement
Goal: To create a website and social media presence and build exposure for the brand. The goal was to target the NYC region and synergistically pair online campaigning with off-line promotions.
Strategy: After designing the logo and packaging we built a bold and informative website and a customized Facebook page. We used cross-tagging and engaged visitors with useful content, specials, and free offers. We also created a regional game on Facebook which encouraged the target demographic, NYU students, to contribute to the Penance Pill page for prizes.
Results: Over 1000 Facebook fans in one week. NYU student brand awareness 18% in one month.
User interactions up 70% each of the first 3 weeks.
ArtXspectrum.net : : Free portfolio site for artists close window 
ArtXspectrum.net : : Free portfolio site for artists
ArtXspectrum was the brainchild of an entrepreneurial college student who wanted to offer young or amateur artists of all kinds a free portfolio, as well as a place to give and take advise, discuss issues common to the arts, gain exposure to many different mediums, styles and attitudes, and create a coumminity of like minded individuals. FVM deveoped the strategy and website which includes a members area full of personal info, a forum for open and free interactions, a voting system, the logo, etc.
Visit the site: www.ArtXspectrum.net
Profession: Entrepreneur
Goal: To create a free online hub/portfolio for the exchange of exposure, ideas and tips for artists.
Strategy: Develop a powerful backend database capable of user accounts, multimedia content submissions, and high-level user interactions.
Results: A fantastically complex yet easy to use front-end that accomadates users and artists of all stripes to share their work and ideas with the world and this blossoming community.
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist close window 
EsmeraldaSantiago.com : : Writer, Screenwriter, Essayist
Esmeralda Santiago is a best selling author, award winning screenwriter and essayist. Her fans are many and the pull on her time enormous. She wanted FVM to create a warm and inviting website experience to connect with her readers and present information, photos, FAQ’s, appearance dates and a blog to easily answer the tons of questions she gets regularly, and to sell books and movies and promote personal apperances.
Profession: Best Selling Author
Goal: To create an online space for Esmeralda to blog her thoughts, update her fans about her appearances and news, and sell her books.
Strategy: To create a website which could grow and change along with the award winning author/owner of the site. The site features a content management system that allows Esmeralda to change the listed appearances, add to a blog, and more. We seamlessly integrated continually updated information with a bookstore, photos, press materials, and a biography.
Results: Esmeralda’s new website is a destination for her ever-growing fan base. She is able to point people to her site with the knowledge that it will inform, entertain, and sell all visitors.