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How Press Releases Can Boost Your SEO Strategy

by Mark Hess

LinksIn the world of search engine optimization (SEO), nothing rules supreme quite like the prospect of getting someone to link to your Web site. Once your site is properly optimized, you can attract niche traffic to your site and increase the amount of inbound links pointing in your direction. But how do you launch an SEO program that will actually produce results?

Believe it or not, the good, old-fashioned press release still has a place in today‚Äôs (more…)

How to Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready (via OpenForum)

by Alec

“Small businesses stand to increase their local audience and further their market reach through geolocation platforms, which attach real-world locations to mobile phones. Here are a few ways companies can become part of the location tagging world of social media.”

Read the article: HERE

Tools to Use on your Real Estate Website

by Alec

The days in which a static website was acceptable have long passed.


This is not because we have become needy internet consumers who need moving images, crazy page transitions, pop-up effects and glowing rollovers (though in moderation all these elements can be quite appealing), no its because there is just so much more a website can do.


It no longer has to be a glorified business card, your website can be a robust tool of interactivity featuring a wide range of useful functionality. The company 1000watt consulting put together a great list of tools to use on your website. This is a company which focuses on servicing top tier brokerages, media companies and dot coms so while many of these are of particular use to that crowd, most sites and marketing campaigns could benefit from integrating some or all of these tools. The list is after the break. Enjoy. (more…)