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Report: Facebook Beats Google For Web’s Most-Visited Site

by Alec

Social media is bigger than finding information.

Ok, maybe that statement is ridiculous, but still, facebook beats google for most visited site on the web.

Short History of Link Based Ranking Rationale

by Mark Hess
Building Links
Building Links by Mark Hess

For the best SEO you need lots of things, but links to your site from related sites are at the top of the list. Why? For a simple explanation, our friends at provide this entry:

Why You Need Links to Get High Rankings

Eric Enge , Stone Temple – Mar 16, 2010

You’ve heard that you need links to your site to get high rankings, but you may have wondered why. Just why are links to your site are important?

In this first in a series on linking, I’ll give you a brief history of search engines to explain how links fit in. The problem search engines have always faced is how to point users to the best, most relevant webpages in response to their queries.

1. Relevance Based on Human Judgments

The Yahoo Directory was one of the first practical tools for searching the web. It was and is a human- (more…)

How Much Are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Worth? [REPORT]

by Alec
  1. Facebook: $11.5 billion
  2. Zynga: $2.6 billion
  3. Twitter: $1.4 billion
  4. LinkedIn: $1.3 billion
  5. Linden Labs (Second Life): $383 million

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Facebook Overtakes Yahoo: Now the Second Most Visited Site in U.S. (via Mashable)

by Alec

In the United states Facebook is now bigger than Is your business using Social Media? Read the article: HERE

Thanks Mashable!

Classic Marketing Mistakes

by Mark Hess

Classic Mistakes by R. Hess
Classic Mistakes by R. Hess

Check out this great article from Paul Christ at
It has been nearly sixty years since organizations began to understand the real importance of marketing strategy and planning.  Prior to the 1950s most companies did not have marketing departments, but instead marketing activities were scattered among many departments such as advertising and sales.  Things began to change as scholars and consultants pushed for companies to adopt strategies designed to unify a variety of marketing activities carried out in different parts of the company.  By the 1960s most major college and university business programs were preaching the importance of marketing and an avalanche of books and magazines supported this cause.
With so much time and energy directed to improving marketing decision making, one might think that past mistakes attributed to lack of marketing knowledge would now be all but eliminated.  In reality, there are many mistakes that are bound to be repeated no matter how much attention is directed to understanding marketing.  Here are a few:

1. The Research Tells Us So
Relying on the results of market research as the deciding factor when making (more…)


We’re Serious About :: Blog Marketing & Analytics

by Mark Hess

Your Business Going Up by R. Hess
Business Going Up by R. Hess

We take your business extremely seriously; not only the business relationship between you and Full Voice Media, but your specific business. So when we are hired to implement any course of action on your behalf we want to make sure we understand everything we can about your company. We want to represent you in the best possible light. Take blog marketing, for instance. Before we start spreading the word about who you are and what a terrific product or service you offer, we want to know as much about you as possible; including whether we really believe in you. (Sorry, but we’re not interested (more…)