Reaching Mass Acceptance at LinkedIn – it’s time.

by fvm

Reaching mass acceptance of LinkedIn takes time.  It took a long time for everyone to start using email.  It took even longer to get everyone to use the internet everyday, for one reason or another.  Now, seemingly everyone has some kind of social profile.  Its becoming hard to find someone who doesn’t at least have a Facebook account.  But every day I come across someone who’s heard of LinkedIn but isn’t “using” it.  LinkedIn hasn’t gained the mass acceptance of facebook and its granddaddy the email client.  Most people assume that social networking, like Facebook and LinkedIn, requires a deep investment of  time.  Indeed, time is money.  “Oh I don’t do LinkedIn.. I just don’t have the time for that”.  My response is,  do you think I do?  Do you think the CEO who runs a 500 person company and two businesses has more time than you?  Its a common complaint (excuse, rather) that I hear from people who avoid “investing” time in “using” LinkedIn.

What if you didn’t have to invest a lot of time, what if, in the words of Ron Popeil, you could “set it and forget it”?

The answer is, you never know what kind of opportunities will come your way.  I met Alec Hess through LinkedIn, the founder of Full Voice Media. I get numerous calls a week from head hunters.

And now, as  a Power User, I meet potential clients, network, participate in discussions, and provide free advice.  Does everyone need to be a Power User?  Absolutely not.  Can anyone open the door to a new world of opportunities?  Absolutely.

Interested in any of the following?  2 Hours Initial Setup Time.  30 minutes a month after that.  Return on investment = infinite.

  • Career opportunities
  • Business deals
  • Consulting offers
  • Expertise & references
  • Keeping in touch
  • Job offers
  • Partnerships

For a quick list of Tips to kickstart your LinkedIn profile, check out the article about Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking.  He was recently profiled on SmartBlog on Social Media and shared some tips on How to use LinkedIn with Business Savvy.

And call us if you need help. We can even handle the whole thing for you for a small fee.

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