Great Business Website Tips, Part 6

by Mark Hess
Tips Graphic #6Search Engine Optimize (SEO): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly complicated field with new techniques and schemes being devised constantly. Its’ goal is to get your site to the top of any keyword search that might relate to your business. Search engines index your website by looking at all the html text on your pages, by keywords and descriptions behind the scene in your “metatags,” and by examining how your site links to and is linked to other sites on the world wide web.
For the best keywords use a service such as the Google keyword tool or  Google search based keyword tool to find the best keywords related to your business, and write a concise clear description of your site using these keywords. This description is what will appear in a search engine results list. Follow the Google Webmaster guide. It’s a free guide that explains all you need to know about how to appear as a result on relevant searches. If your business is in a single location, don’t forget to use a few town names in the surrounding area as keywords and in your description. Interestingly, Google itself claims to not use the keywords in the metatag, but other large search engines do, so to be safe I would advise you to cover your bases and include them. It can’t hurt. The most important thing in this area of SEO is to use the keywords in your website text itself. Do it in a sophisticated manner; try to integrate the keywords naturally and don’t worry if you can’t include all of them. Your html text is very important to search engine ranking.
Links from, but especially to your site is another area where you can easily boost your search rankings. Links to other sites related to your business are important and links from related sites are even more important. Contact other related sites and ask for a link exchange; “I’ll link to you, if you’ll link to me” kind of thing. It benefits everyone, so most companies and individuals are happy to participate. If you don’t have a specific links page, write something nice about the other site in your blog and link there.
There are many other more complicated and costly ways to affect SEO, but these are some of the easiest with the highest value. Test your SEO by searching with various keywords to see where you rank. And keep tweaking; a website is never finished, it’s an evolving process. Good luck and please link to us!

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