The Apple iPad. Just a bigger iPhone.

by Alec

The iPhone is amazing. It may be the greatest mobile device since the first cell phone. It has changed the way people get and use information. It made the internet browsing experience enjoyable on a phone (something that RIM’s Blackberry and Nokia’s smartphones have not been able to do).

I can type “deli” into the iPhone’s google maps, see only the results right around me using the device’s GPS, and click twice to have that same device start calling the place. And yes, if you don’t already know there is really is an “app” for just about every single “that” you can imagine. I can’t say enough good things about the iPhone…


Today Apple announced the highly anticipated tablet PC they are calling the “iPad.” I’m disappointed.

The expectations were insanely high, it’s tough to be Apple sometimes. We were all hoping for something revolutionary, what we got was a bigger iPhone. I’d enjoy a bigger iPhone, I’m sure things like browsing and email are going to be a bit better with more space. I use two monitors so I clearly appreciate screen real estate.

But this thing doesn’t change the game:

-No front facing camera allowing  for mobile video chat

-No multitasking

-No Adobe Flash on the browser (No Flash is BAD. Very BAD.)

Steve Jobs started his announcement by saying that Netbooks don’t improve on anything in the mobile space. He is forgetting that they are cheap, conveniently sized, have great battery life, and give you the internet experiance you expect (WITH FLASH).

Anyone who doesn’t have an iPhone will love this. There is a lot to love, but I’ve been loving this thing with the small screen for years now.

I’ll wait for the iPad’s second generation, and if you own an iPhone or iPod touch I’d recommend you do the same.


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