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Great Social Media Statistics

by Mark Hess

Myths of Social Media Debunked

Debunking Myth by R. Hess

Author Michael Stelzner, has put together an interesting report based on a survey of 900 marketers. The report looks at the state of social media marketing. The link at the bottom of this post takes you to the source which includes a video by Stelzner about  his in-depth report, “Social Media Marketing Industry Report”

Interesting stats from the report:

  • 88% indicated they were employing social media for marketing purposes
  • 72% have only been using social media marketing for a few months
  • 64% of marketers are using social media for 5 hours or more each week
  • 39% are using it for 10 hours a week
  • 81% say the number-one benefit is generating exposure, followed by increasing traffic and building new business relationships
  • Over half saw a rise in search engine rankings.
  • Out of social media tools marketers most wanted to learn about, social bookmarking sites ranked highest followed by Twitter.

Marketers and business owners still have a lot of questions about social media marketing. The report looks at the top ten questions they have:

You can see Stelzner’s full report as well as a video narrated by Stelzner himself here.

Is the New Google Smack Down a Good Thing?

by Mark Hess

Pepto Google MarketingEvery time, Google changes its algorithms – it causes a frenzy among those internet marketers relying heavily on the search engines.  The latest change made many marketers stock up on Maalox and Pepto Bismol as it made them literally sick to their stomachs. Google’s latest change was an attack on article directories and content farms like

You see, many internet marketers were writing 150-200 word articles that gave no informational value whatsoever, just to get the link. They were after the SEO benefit and not taking full advantage of what article marketing has to offer. But now, because of the new Google algorithm change sites like lost a lot of its visibility on Google and it has many internet marketers up in arms.

Now, unlike many internet marketers, I think the change is a GOOD thing — and here’s why…

4 Reasons Why I Think the New Google Algorithm Change is a Good Thing (more…)

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Help Japan… and yourself

by Alec

Japan, Before and After

Full Voice Media is proud to announce that we have committed to donate half of all profits from Search Engine Optimization services for the next 3 months (4/1/11 – 7/1/11). This applies to all new customers.

Money will be donated to The American Red Cross for the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund. Proof of donations will be provided upon request.

Make your business more noticeable on search engines while helping ease Japan’s pain. Email me at if you are interested.

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