Articles for November, 2009

Timeless Business Principles

by Mark Hess
New From Old by R. Hess
New From Old by R. Hess

Tried and true business principles are not rare, but this list of “Business Commandments” caught my attention, so I thought I would share it here:

1. Don’t waste your time going after business we don’t really want.
2. The boss usually decides – not the assistant treasurer. Do you know the boss?
3. It’s just as easy to get a first-rate piece of business as a second-rate one.
4. You never learn anything when you are talking.
5. The client’s objective is more important than yours.
6. The respect of one person is worth more than acquaintance with 100.
7. When there’s business to be done, get it!
8. Important people like to deal with other important people. Are you one?
9. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy client.
10. If you get the business, it’s up to you to see that it’s well handled.

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94% of Businesses Surveyed Believe in Social Media

by Mark Hess

Pie Chart Showing 94%

A survey (conducted by Deloitte, Beeline Labs and the Society for New Communications Research) of 400 companies found that 94 percent of enterprises plan to maintain or increase their investment in enterprise social media tools such as blogs, wikis and microblogging tools from providers such as IBM, MindTouch, Socialcast, Mzinga and Jive Software. The results seem counterintuitive in light of the recession, but it shows the importance of these tools for social networking and collaboration, and proves that they are not just a fad in the enterprise. Social analytics tools are also part of the trend. Read the whole story at: Study: 94% of Enterprises Will Invest in Social Media Despite Recession


Did You Know? Vid Shows Shift to Social Media

by Mark Hess

Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod update their video series of web use statistics in this 4.0 version. The shift to social media for marketers and individuals alike is amazing.