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Great Business Website Tips, Part 3

by Mark Hess

Biz tips #3Next up for discussion on what goes into making a great business website is content. You need to give the people what they want. Sure content is king, but what content and how much? Well here are some basics, in no particular order:

  1. 1. Usable, Engaging Content: Organize the information on your site with the most important items first, next important next and so on. Think carefully about what your clients might need on your website and make sure they can get it easily. In addition to all the obvious “physical” information about your business or service offer them advice and tips, links to other sources of related info, an FAQ’s page, photos and videos, and anything else that can be viewed as added value to your users. Become a source for them to turn to and hopefully they will sing your praise to others.
  2. Be Totally Honest: Don’t exaggerate and oversell yourself, be transparent and forthcoming. People today are too savvy to be fooled by wild claims and misleading hype. And don’t shade the truth either, if (more…)

Great Business Website Tips, Part 2

by Mark Hess

Business Website Tips 2Last post I wrote about emotional pull, branding and your USP. Today I want to touch on some more concrete areas that have to do with usability and interface. A great business website needs to communicate in a way that most users can relate to, it should feel somehow familiar yet unique at least in terms of style, taste and tone. Great art and design sites can be wild and shocking; not so for most business sites. OK more lists:

Use Great, Clean Design: Website design today is a fairly mature undertaking compared to the Wild West days of the 90’s. And business sites are different than artist’s sites. We know that users want the most important information right away, simply, directly and without having to click and move through much of the website. Try to keep it simple, but rich. Keep font use to one or two families and most of your text should be html so search engines can index your site easily. Choose a color theme and stick with it. Keep headers/footers consistent on all pages. Put yourself in your users place and list everything they might want; prioritize the list and present the (more…)


Great Business Website Tips, Part 1

by Mark Hess

#1 Business Website TipsTen years ago nobody knew what a good business website was supposed to be. Many sites were just glorified ads. But today we have the benefit of tens of thousands of attempts that have shown us what works and what doesn’t. And by “works” I mean not only selling things well, but also offering an emotional experience, good customer service, convenience, information and most important of all: building customer loyalty and creating good word of mouth referrals.
In this series I’ll try and simplify and quantify what elements and characteristics make up a great business website (not necessarily in order of importance).

Emphasize Your Desire to Please: It’s not only about how great you, your service or your product is, it’s about what the client or customer wants or needs, and you need to elicit an emotional response. You need to show an enthusiasm for what you’re offering either through word or design or hopefully both. Be cool, or humorous, (more…)

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