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No More “Fans” at Facebook

by Mark Hess

FanIn it’s ultimate wisdom, Facebook has decided to change it’s “become a Fan” feature. AP Technology writer Barbara Ortutay fills in the blanks:

Facebook to scrap “become a fan of” for “like”

AP Technology Writer  Mar 30, 3:33 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is about to change the way it asks its users to connect to brands and celebrities on the site. Rather than ask people to “become a fan” of say, Starbucks or Lady Gaga, Facebook will instead let users click that they like the subject.

Facebook already lets people show that they like comments or pictures posted on the site, (more…)

SIZE of Social Media. A quick update.

by Alec

YouTube Revenue Approaching $1 Billion Per Year [REPORT]

Yes, it says REVENUE. Not some estimated value figure based on future potential. The website YouTube is bringing in almost one billion dollars every year.

Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars in 2006.

Read the Mashable article

Twitter Hits 10 Billion Tweets

Read more at Mashable

How to Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready (via OpenForum)

by Alec

“Small businesses stand to increase their local audience and further their market reach through geolocation platforms, which attach real-world locations to mobile phones. Here are a few ways companies can become part of the location tagging world of social media.”

Read the article: HERE

Great Business Website Tips, Part 6

by Mark Hess
Tips Graphic #6Search Engine Optimize (SEO): Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly complicated field with new techniques and schemes being devised constantly. Its’ goal is to get your site to the top of any keyword search that might relate to your business. Search engines index your website by looking at all the html text on your pages, by keywords and descriptions behind the scene in your “metatags,” and by examining how your site links to and is linked to other sites on the world wide web.
For the best keywords use a service such as the Google keyword tool or  Google search based keyword tool to find the best keywords related to your business, and write a concise clear description of your site using these keywords. This description is what will appear in a search engine results list. Follow the Google Webmaster guide. It’s a free guide that explains all you need to know about how to appear as a result on relevant searches. If your business is in a single (more…)

A Collection of HOW TO’s:

by Alec

Here are some great HOW TO guides from the great people at




HOW TO: Take Advantage of Social Media in Your E-mail Marketing



Great Business Website Tips, Part 5

by Mark Hess

Graphic Tips 5A website can just be a digital brochure or glorified business card, and in fact a huge number of websites, especially ones created a decade ago are exactly that. But today’s market demands a better mouse trap. Your business website should be sophisticated in it’s structure and usability. And although some effort must go into it, developing and using some cleaver strategies will expand you reach; improve your profits and build brand loyalty. Below are just a few more of these efforts that are sure to help:
Registration Stratagem: Gathering email addresses of people interested in your business is invaluable for future growth. With today’s technology sending thousands of emails out is easy and super effective; it’s having people to send those emails to which can be more complicated. Figure out the best way to encourage people to share their email addresses. Offer them advance notice of specials or news about you. And only require an email address with all other personal info like phone, physical address and so on optional. Create a pleasant greeting when people (more…)


Realtor Promotion: Some Ideas PART 3

by Alec

The First Steps to Connect:


Make what you already have work for you. You have a website, but how does anyone know to go to it? Well… you have a phone number, how does anyone know to call it? The answer is you tell people and you tell them often. Giving out your website URL should rank even higher on your list of information to give out to peoples of interest because your website will include your phone number and much, much more. (more…)

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