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Great Business Website Tips, Part 5

by Mark Hess

Graphic Tips 5A website can just be a digital brochure or glorified business card, and in fact a huge number of websites, especially ones created a decade ago are exactly that. But today’s market demands a better mouse trap. Your business website should be sophisticated in it’s structure and usability. And although some effort must go into it, developing and using some cleaver strategies will expand you reach; improve your profits and build brand loyalty. Below are just a few more of these efforts that are sure to help:
Registration Stratagem: Gathering email addresses of people interested in your business is invaluable for future growth. With today’s technology sending thousands of emails out is easy and super effective; it’s having people to send those emails to which can be more complicated. Figure out the best way to encourage people to share their email addresses. Offer them advance notice of specials or news about you. And only require an email address with all other personal info like phone, physical address and so on optional. Create a pleasant greeting when people (more…)


Realtor Promotion: Some Ideas PART 3

by Alec

The First Steps to Connect:


Make what you already have work for you. You have a website, but how does anyone know to go to it? Well… you have a phone number, how does anyone know to call it? The answer is you tell people and you tell them often. Giving out your website URL should rank even higher on your list of information to give out to peoples of interest because your website will include your phone number and much, much more. (more…)

The Right Fit

by Mark Hess
The Right fit by R. Hess
The Right Fit by R. Hess

Finding the right mix of media offerings for any client is the most important part we can play in helping maximize resources and in turn raising brand awareness. This has always been true but with the opportunities available via the Internet the choices become ever more complicated, which makes it even more important to carefully consider all the many permutations an effective promotional/advertising campaign might take. We’re working with a small art gift company that doesn’t have a website, yet is still quite successful. At this point in time I think it is assumed that any going concern will at least have some presence on the web, even if it’s just, in effect, a digital business card. You know, a page or two with address and phone numbers, maybe a picture of the physical location or owners and a few representative pics of the service or items for sale to make it easy for potential customers to find basic information. Of course a more (more…)


The Value in At Least Trying

by Alec

Read all the e-books and blogs you want but you wont be able to find a definitively “right” way to conduct social media marketing. That’s because their isn’t one. There isn’t a “right” or “correct” way of making TV commercials, or print advertising either and we have had those channels for far longer.

The truth is that while there are principles which help guide us in creating successful content and engagement, their does not exist a definitive right or wrong, effective or ineffective. There is no secret to producing viral content every time you lift a pen, touch a keyboard, or record a video.


The most important concept is trying. Putting yourself and your content within reach of potential customers and hoping they bite. Then modifying that delivery and hoping they bite. They trying some new angle and hoping they bite. Its like that old saying about throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


My message is this: Social Media Marketing, like all marketing is not an exact science. Many things you do wont make a big difference. Accept that but realize that NOT participating is guaranteed to make NO difference.


We’re Serious About :: Blog Marketing & Analytics

by Mark Hess

Your Business Going Up by R. Hess
Business Going Up by R. Hess

We take your business extremely seriously; not only the business relationship between you and Full Voice Media, but your specific business. So when we are hired to implement any course of action on your behalf we want to make sure we understand everything we can about your company. We want to represent you in the best possible light. Take blog marketing, for instance. Before we start spreading the word about who you are and what a terrific product or service you offer, we want to know as much about you as possible; including whether we really believe in you. (Sorry, but we’re not interested (more…)

Where Is the Ethics Line in Business Blogging?

by Mark Hess
The Big Question by Mark Hess
The Big Question by Mark Hess

A lot of advertising can be a little over the top in terms of claims. And being in the advertising/promotion and communications arena for many years I, of course, have felt the pull to exaggerate and overstate a client’s particular brand or service. The client loves it, sometimes it really works and produces good results (read: more profit), everyone does it and it just seems like hyping, promoting, building up, plugging, boosting, merchandising, pushing and exposing in the most overheated way is a tried and accepted way in the world. But the world is changing and changing fast. Five years ago almost no one would have believed how many people use the Internet today. Or how much money is shifting away (more…)


Online Marketers Ask: When Should You Redesign?

by Mark Hess
Target Unexpected Results by R. Hess
Target Unexpected Results by R. Hess

I love it when I find a brilliant list that answers a basic question. It’s even more fun to find others who then elaborate and add to the list. Seth Godin is a masterful online marketer who gives advise which is timely and on target. His blog entry titled: Things to ask before you redo your website is just such a case. Seth makes it easy for designers, business owners and anyone in between to use a rational decision process to assess their websites strengths and weaknesses by focusing on the fundamentals of just what a site is supposed to do. Another great marketing force on the Internet is FutureNow who picks up the thread and runs with it, citing Seth’s blog and then refining and expanding on it from their unique perspective: Redesign? Ask the Right Questions! I highly recommend both posts and thank the people behind them.

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