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No More “Fans” at Facebook

by Mark Hess

FanIn it’s ultimate wisdom, Facebook has decided to change it’s “become a Fan” feature. AP Technology writer Barbara Ortutay fills in the blanks:

Facebook to scrap “become a fan of” for “like”

AP Technology Writer  Mar 30, 3:33 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is about to change the way it asks its users to connect to brands and celebrities on the site. Rather than ask people to “become a fan” of say, Starbucks or Lady Gaga, Facebook will instead let users click that they like the subject.

Facebook already lets people show that they like comments or pictures posted on the site, (more…)

More Than Just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

by Mark Hess

Trying to effectively use social media for promotion becomes harder as more and more companies compete for views. But what about the lesser know social sites out there. Jay Baer writes convincingly that to ignore them is to ignore opportunity. Do you agree with his thoughts?

Are You Taking Social Media Shortcuts?
March 9th, 2010 | Written By: Jay Baer

Are you treating social media like a checklist? (more…)

Report: Facebook Beats Google For Web’s Most-Visited Site

by Alec

Social media is bigger than finding information.

Ok, maybe that statement is ridiculous, but still, facebook beats google for most visited site on the web.

HOW TO: Measure Social Media ROI (via Mashable)

by Alec

Comic from ""


Social media ROI is difficult to measure. Just as ‘word of mouth’ is difficult to measure. Both are incredibly powerful drivers for new business and important in creating positive customer relations. Yet developing exact measurements  for such marketing is nearly impossible. Mashable has a great article on some of the strategies and tools we can use to measure the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing.

Click Here to Read.

94% of Businesses Surveyed Believe in Social Media

by Mark Hess

Pie Chart Showing 94%

A survey (conducted by Deloitte, Beeline Labs and the Society for New Communications Research) of 400 companies found that 94 percent of enterprises plan to maintain or increase their investment in enterprise social media tools such as blogs, wikis and microblogging tools from providers such as IBM, MindTouch, Socialcast, Mzinga and Jive Software. The results seem counterintuitive in light of the recession, but it shows the importance of these tools for social networking and collaboration, and proves that they are not just a fad in the enterprise. Social analytics tools are also part of the trend. Read the whole story at: Study: 94% of Enterprises Will Invest in Social Media Despite Recession


Did You Know? Vid Shows Shift to Social Media

by Mark Hess

Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod update their video series of web use statistics in this 4.0 version. The shift to social media for marketers and individuals alike is amazing.

20% of Tweets are about Brands

by Alec

twitter money

Twitter, the social media tool whose popularity has exploded in the last year, is about more then just self-expression.
Research from Penn State has found that one in five tweets involves a specific brand or product. Important news for those business owners and marketers who want to reach the over 18 million people now using the service. ( E-marketer has some great research on the relationship between executives and Social Media. )

Now just because a brand is being mentioned does not mean it is being cast in a favorable light… this should be a message to all businesses, its time to join the conversation.

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