The Value in At Least Trying

by Alec

Read all the e-books and blogs you want but you wont be able to find a definitively “right” way to conduct social media marketing. That’s because their isn’t one. There isn’t a “right” or “correct” way of making TV commercials, or print advertising either and we have had those channels for far longer.

The truth is that while there are principles which help guide us in creating successful content and engagement, their does not exist a definitive right or wrong, effective or ineffective. There is no secret to producing viral content every time you lift a pen, touch a keyboard, or record a video.


The most important concept is trying. Putting yourself and your content within reach of potential customers and hoping they bite. Then modifying that delivery and hoping they bite. They trying some new angle and hoping they bite. Its like shop drugs that old saying about throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.


My message is this: Social Media Marketing, like all marketing is not an exact science. Many things you do wont make a big difference. Accept that but realize that NOT participating is guaranteed to make NO difference.


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